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Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Beach Vacation with Kids
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Our guide to the beautiful beach town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico – with kids.

The Grand Hyatt – Family Friendly DFW Hotel
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Looking for a family friendly hotel near the Dallas DFW airport? Check out the award winning luxury Hyatt Grand Airport Hotel inside DFW ! Kids love it !

Great Gift for Traveling Kids by Little Passports
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If you are looking to bestow the love of travel on a little one in your life, take a peek at the Little Passports monthly adventure subscription. It’s a whole lot of fun, without the price of a plane ticket.

10 Things Kids Love at the Quebec Winter Carnival
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The Quebec Winter Carnival is the quintessential Canadian winter party. It is a 3 week long festival steeped in history, although I can assure you that when it is -40°C with windchill, one would find any reason to throw a party. … Read More

How to Dress for a Winter Trip to Canada
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I write this post upon my return from a weekend at the Quebec Winter Carnival, where the temperature hovered around -26°C (-15°F) with a howling wind that made it feel like -39°C (-38°F). My lips are burning from exposure and … Read More

Condesa with Kids, Mexico City’s Best Neighbourhood
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With a trip to Mexico City on the horizon, I asked my friend and fellow family travel blogger Katja Gaskell (, if she would mind sharing with us her tips about her beloved neighbourhood – La Condesa. Her excellent suggestions have … Read More

Red Mountain Resort, BC – with Kids
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I needed to know what all the hubbub at Red Mountain Resort was about. This B.C. mountain kept popping onto my radar as the next big deal via numerous ski blog posts and magazines articles. From what I had read, … Read More

Zika Virus – What Family Travelers Should Know
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A fellow family travel blogger asked me a question the other day that had me thinking. The question was “Would I travel to an area that is under threat from the mosquito-borne Zika Virus if I were pregnant right now?”  Without … Read More

Australia – 10 Amazing Experiences for Kids
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  Our family visited Australia for the first time when our youngest was 3. We were there to attend a good friend’s wedding, so sightseeing was our second priority. That said, we still managed to see some amazing things (such … Read More