coming soon to seattle – the palladian hotel, by kimpton

The Palladian Seattle

I am pretty sure that I get some kind of endorphin rush from a new hotel opening. I love the fresh aesthetic, the updated hotel room concept, and the idea that I could walk barefoot on the brand new carpet (although I would still wear my slippers). When that hotel brand is also renowned for treating families right, I am especially enamored. Such is the case with The Palladian, a Kimpton Hotel set to open in Seattle near the end of this year.

Located within a 1910 Belltown Beaux Arts building (constructed during the economic boom driven by the Alaskan Gold Rush), the Palladian hotel has been re-imagined for a modern era. Once completed, it will feature 97 rooms and suites showcasing vintage design elements, luxurious amenities and contemporary furnishings. True to the Kimpton style of creating inviting shared spaces, The Palladian’s lounge is sure to be a popular gathering spot. The full menu of craft whiskeys and small batch brews won’t hurt either.

A few more photos…..

The Palladian Seattle 1

The Palladian Seattle 2

The Palladian Seattle 3

Kimpton is the largest boutique hotel chain in the U.S. and has been a favorite of mine for both family getaways (check out their Kimpton Kids program) and the occasional romantic retreat with my husband. They do an excellent job catering to the individual preferences of their guests and offer unique perks to loyal patrons (Karma Rewards).

For more information, see The Palladian  or Kimpton Hotels.

Note:  Kimpton has been known to reward those who engage with them on social media. I once received a bottle of wine upon check-in for uttering the words ‘flip flop’. I felt a little silly, but was over it by my first sip.


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just another day in the park….well, not really

While we did not travel far yesterday (only to our neighborhood park), this is a story worth sharing.

Day at the Park

Yesterday afternoon, I took my two children and their friend to a park in our neighborhood.  It has a great playground, but even more fun for the kids is the little wooded area in one corner, where they can build forts, play hide-and-seek and pick huckleberries.

note:  I already know what you are thinking. What kind of mom let’s her kids go into the dreaded wooded area?  Apparently this one (and a few others I have noticed over the years).

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last stop on the F train – coney island, new york

On a recent trip to discover all things wonderful for kids in New York City, we decided to hop on the F train and spend an afternoon in Coney Island. Coney Island and its Luna Park amusement rides are a natural fit for kids, but something appealed to me as well that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it was the East Coast boardwalk and beachfront atmosphere that I had really only seen in the movies. Regardless of my motivation, we had a ton of fun and it looked like this.

Riding the rails (The Express F train from Rockefeller Center will take you there in 40 minutes.).

Coney Island F Train

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breaking my addiction to ziploc bags for travel

I really do try to reduce, reuse and recycle, but I have one big vice. That vice is the resealable Ziploc bag. I absolutely love them for travel. It begins with the packing of my 3oz (100ml) liquid containers for security screening and carries on to house and partition many other things in my luggage. Sometimes I just drop a whole pile in my suitcase for a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ along the way. I have not been able to break this habit despite owning several alternatives, including a reusable TSA approved clear screening bag and a set of mesh packing cubes for my clothes. Yes, I sometime rinse the Ziplocs out and reuse them,but then again, sometimes I don’t. On these lazy occasions, I wait until no one is looking (especially my tattling children) and I shove them in the garbage can. This is followed by about 20 minutes of self-loathing. Nic & Elli Reusable Water Resistant Bags

My thanks go out to the Pint Size Pilot reader who gently prodded me in a new direction by introducing me to an excellent alternative from the Canadian company Nic & Elli.  Their water resistant ‘wet bags’ come in a variety of sizes and prints. Over the past few months I have been using the small ones for my children’s snacks (anything from crackers to cucumber slices) and a big one to carry around wet swimsuits after a visit to the water park or the beach. Once I get home, I simply rinse them out, and hang them up to dry for their next use.

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sweet treats for kids in DUMBO, Brooklyn

View of Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO Brooklyn

DUMBODown Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

I had to Google this odd acronym that refers not to a flying elephant, but rather to the historical and recently gentrified waterfront warehouse district of Brooklyn.

While in New York City recently to research all the city’s great places for kids, our family decided to take the train to Coney Island, with a quick stop first in DUMBO, Brooklyn. My original plan had us biking or walking over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, but as is often the case on our trips, I quickly realized that I needed to scale back our plans so as to avoid a full family revolt (it was pretty hot out). In the end, we took the train over (or should I say ‘under’), and enjoyed a nice stroll with great  views, ate some yummy sweet treats, and even did a little shopping. We were so engaged by our sneak peak of Brooklyn,  that we have decided to visit (and stay) in this borough next year. In our short stopover, however, here is what we saw.

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