I’m dreaming of a white christmas – in finnish lapland

The real Santa Claus

The financially responsible mother of two in me realizes that flying to Rovaniemi, Finland, at the edge of the Arctic Circle to visit the real Santa is a ridiculous idea. The five year old Christmas loving girl trapped inside that financially responsible mom, however, doesn’t care about such things. She is dying to get there before her own children lose interest in magical, fairytale type places.

Should that little girl win out over financial reality, our trip to Rovaniemi, Finland would look like this:

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5 lovely family friendly vacation rentals in san francisco

family friendly vacation rental san francisco

family-friendly 1 bedroom garden suite in noe valley

I love a good family friendly luxury hotel as much as the next gal, but sometimes I find myself in a situation where, due to an unfortunate date choice on my part, my preferred hotel’s prices have shot into the stratosphere. Such is the case for what was supposed to be an ‘inexpensive’ family getaway to San Francisco. I nabbed (rather too spontaneously) an amazing deal on our flights, but when it came to booking our accommodation, I was shocked to find that for these particular dates 4 star hotels were going for $1000/night and 3 stars for $600/night.  Was this a joke? While I fully respect the laws of supply and demand, there was no way I was going to pay this.

It was time for ‘plan B’ so I turned to the world of vacation rentals by owner and the popular website Airbnb.com. Being that Airbnb is based in San Francisco, using them seemed particularly fitting.

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10 fun places for kids in portland

Portland with Kids

When I think of Portland, I think of four things: beards, brews, bridges, and bicycles. For me, the city has always been a favorite weekend escape without kids. I had often heard, however, that Portland also had a ton to offer for families. With that in mind, we recently packed up the gang for a whirlwind weekend trip to discover all things wonderful for toddlers and kids. See a little video or just read on.

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