family travel – when it’s time to slow the *bleep* down


cc image courtesy of storem on flickr

Sure we can do that !  So what if we’ve been away the past 5 weekends (plus a few extra days). What’s one more 1000 mile road trip? Apparently, I still think I am 25, fully capable of surviving on 5 hours sleep a night for weeks on end, poutine and carrot sticks for dinner, and just rolling with each new situation.

Today I am going to admit to having hit the wall. The body doesn’t lie. Since January 1st, I have had some kind of Norovirus, a week of sleepless nights with 2 children sick with colds, another week of sleepless nights with my own bad cold, a sore tooth (apparently fixed, but still hurting – I’ll just chew on the other side for now), a spot in my eye (that I thought was an unseasonably late fruit fly in my house) and now a mysterious rash on my calf. Other than the eye thing (for which I do have a doctor’s appointment), nothing seemed terribly serious. There is a clear message here, however. My body is simply is saying “Slow the bleep down!”.

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san francisco getaway – the cavallo point lodge – with kids

As someone who has a need to find unique places to stay and experience with my children, the Cavallo Point Lodge boutique hotel, in Sausalito, California, hit the mark. Gorgeous views, spacious historical rooms, plenty of outdoor space for kids to run and play, family friendly dining options, and even The Bay Area Discovery Museum right next door….how could I resist?

For this post, I think that photos tell the story best (although there is more to read at the end).

the gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Family-friendly boutique hotel San Francisco

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angel island – the perfect san francisco day trip with kids

Best San Francisco day trips with kids
On our travels, my children have often told me that they enjoy the countryside way more than the city. Perhaps they get worn out by my frenetic pace and constant nagging (Shhhh!, Please don’t touch that!, Eyes up!, Manners!, Did you wash your hands? No seriously, did you wash your hands?). For this reason, our whole family was thrilled by the suggestion of our Bay Area friends, to take a day trip to Angel Island. Just a short ferry ride away from both San Francisco and Tiburon, it seemed to be exactly what my children needed following a day of touring San Francisco proper.

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loving the reno – delta whistler village suites

Best Family Friendly Hotels Whistler

Over the years, our family has stayed at many hotel properties around Whistler. Our most important criteria since having kids has been space, space and more space, with kitchen and laundry a close second and third. Naturally, we also love a hotel close to the hill, with a room rate that doesn’t break the bank. It’s a tall order in an international ski Mecca such as Whistler. We were fortunate enough, however, to find just that combination in the Delta Whistler Village Suites, and have spent many nights there since having children.

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relax, refresh and renew at the scandinave spa, whistler


Scandinavian Spa Whistler

photo credit: scandinave spa whistler

For years I have been trying to find an excuse to visit the much touted Scandinave Spa in Whistler. My husband and I recently found our window of opportunity, after spending the morning on the slopes, and then sneaking over to the spa before the kids were finished ski school for the day. As it turned out, we were not the only ones with this plan. After jostling for a parking spot, we silently following a like-minded group of spa-goers along a meandering path, through a spruce forest, and towards an intriguing cloud of steam up ahead.

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